CHOM develops, owns, and maintains high-quality affordable housing for working families and older Mainers.  

We believe that housing, together with support services, provides stability, fosters dignity and respect, and transforms lives. 

We work to include everyone in the community through housing and advocacy.  All of this is done through collaborative networks. 


CHOM focuses on creating safe, stable, and vibrant inclusive communities where everyone can thrive.



CHOM is a housing developer rooted in vigorous advocacy, working to ensure that everyone is included as part of the community.  

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Working together, we can improve systems so that everyone can live full, meaningful lives. 

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For any inquiries, questions, and/or comments, please call: 207-879-0347 or fill out the following form

Community Housing of Maine

One City Center, 4th Floor

Portland, ME 04101



Tel: 207-879-0347

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One City Center, 4th Floor, Portland, ME 04101 

Phone: 207-879-0347  

Fax: 207-879-0348 

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