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Together, we help diverse groups across the state unite and speak with one voice, working collectively to effect change.


While our direct work is providing housing, we are deeply dedicated to advocating for equity.


 CHOM initiated and coordinates the Maine Coalition for Housing and Quality Services, a parent-led 4,000-member advocacy organization for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The Coalition has developed a lifelong continuum of care for populations with intellectual/developmental disabilities - a continuum of care that has been widely accepted, codified, and is in the process of being implemented - among other initiatives.


CHOM staff actively participate in and play leadership roles in the Statewide Homeless Council, Regions I, II, and III Homeless Councils, the Maine Continuum of Care (MCOC), the Emergency Shelter Assessment Committee (ESAC), the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition (MAHC), and the Maine Developmental Services Oversight and Advisory Board, among other groups.

CHOM staff are routinely invited to provide expertise in various venues.


CHOM plays an active role in researching and disseminating information about Federal, State, and local legislation and policy initiatives.  CHOM plays an integral role in assisting groups, coalitions, and organizations in taking action to support policies, legislation, and initiatives pivotal to the successful community inclusion of vulnerable populations.

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At CHOM, we are constantly advocating for critical policy initiatives and legislation that will end homelessness and improve the lives of vulnerable populations. 
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People always do better when they know that others care about them. Whether it is as part of your organization's volunteer efforts, or just something you feel strongly about, inquire about volunteer opportunities & other ways to help.


If you have an idea about how you can help, let us know. We're always looking for new ways to carry out our mission. 
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CHOM advocates for improved mental health and substance use disorder systems in Maine

An example of this advocacy is an Op-Ed about the ways in which we can work towards a more inclusive system of care

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