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As we go about working toward our goal of diversifying communities through equity and inclusion, we discover stories of success.


CHOM works to seamlessly blend supportive housing and vulnerable populations into the heart of city centers and neighborhoods.  This is essential for community inclusion and removing the labels and stigmas associated with homelessness, substance use, mental health issues, and other issues experienced by vulnerable, disenfranchised populations. 

When supportive housing projects are conceived and implemented well, with adequate support services necessary for stability, they uplift and revitalize neighborhoods, and create communities in which everyone can thrive.    

CHOM's first Inclusive Housing project.  Danforth on High has been the subject of longitudinal research demonstrating the model's efficacy.

An award-winning historic rehabilitation project, with an embedded supportive housing program for vulnerable women. 

An award-winning new construction project, notable for its green design and energy efficiency - being certified as a Passive House.  

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